Why Is Everyone So Lonely These Days?
Benjamin Sledge

Outstanding Benjamin. So happy and engaged to be reading your work. It’s clicking in my brain. We have a loneliness epidemic. We are all in it. I’m on other end of the rope, if you will. I am on the one who extends myself, but for one reason or another things never seem to come together. I’m sure I play a role in this, just not sure how. Keeping momentum is difficult. I can’t seem to get to the Action part of EASE, let alone find like minded people (Seek). I really struggle in that area.

I don’t partake in much social media. Pardon my oldness, but would I consider Medium a social media platform? I don’t have online friends that I speak to through a screen. So when you’re of particular age (40’s) making friends is hard. Mix in an introverted personality and it can be difficult to make new friends or pick up the phone and reach out to exiting people you know. Lord only knows I’ve tried. I don’t need a lot of people in my life, but I happily welcome any great people that may have a positive impact on my life, in my life. With that said, I’ll continue to try EASE and put myself out there and keep extending and seeking.