On Going Gray and Fading Away

The timing of this piece is perfect. I just got my hair colored yesterday. Like I said, every 5–6 weeks. Heck, I’m not even 40 yet. But I was the lucky one to inherit the turn gray early gene from my mom. My grandfather was white by 40. Now it’s my turn. I really take no issue with gray hair. The problem is that my hair is so very fine and thin (like you can see my scalp if not properly groomed) that hair color is important to me to maintain my appearance. It is quite noticeable to see how people react when you’ve had something done. Color, cut, Botox, etc…. When my hair is ugly and thin and gray, I do feel ugly. I feel old and invisible. But I know many women with gorgeous manes that are gray/silver. It looks beautiful on them. Unless I magically get more hair and I mean double of what I have, then maybe I can go gray, but until then it’s off to the chair.

Thank you for this piece. I’m so glad someone could finally voice what I’ve been thinking and feeling. Getting older shouldn’t suck. We shouldn’t have a double standard. No one should be looked down upon because they chose to not look younger or whatever. It’s a personal decision.

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