Rethinking life balance
Milkana Brace

What about when “life” starts to resemble “work” in that you are cramming so much stuff into either section, it all melds together and none if it is fun or rewarding anymore? I’ve had friends mention the Friday blues of a pending weekend coming up with nothing major planned, except catching up on the things that couldn’t get done during the week. Maybe dinner and drinks with friends or getting out and about. It seems like every day, no matter the activity, e.g. going to work, doing an activity, going on a date, maybe even a road trip, it all seems mundane, monotonous, and going through the motions. I’ve feel I’ve lost all semblance of balance. I don’t even understand what that balance means or what it would look like. Whatever it is I’m doing is no longer fun, rewarding, challenging, or provides any level of fulfillment. Change is what I seek, rather than balance, but I don’t think that’s the route to go either. When one can no longer balance work/life, does it default to apathy, checking out, and maybe quietly giving up?

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