10 Fun Facts Discovered at The Ridge’s Staff Christmas Party

It’s awesome working with so many great people at The Ridge. Our talented administrative staff makes sure all of the details are covered. Our maintenance and IT people are dedicated to creating and supporting our church’s environment. And our pastors lead, plan, and excecute on a weekly basis.

We love being a part of a church that works hard, has fun, and is committed to our mission of doing whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ. Lately, we’ve been working hard to get ready for our Christmas Eve services, so Jerry thought it was time for us to take a two-hour break to celebrate the year with a staff Christmas party.

We thought it would be fun to let you in on some behind-the-scenes details of the staff as discovered at the Christmas party, which included a bowling adventure at Columbus Bowling Center and gourmet lunch catered by Tropical Smoothie. Below are ten fun facts we discovered:

10 Fun Facts Discovered at The Ridge’s Staff Christmas Party

1. Let’s just say some of our staff might’ve previously been professional bowlers.

Kammy Simonton and Bob Beeker led the way in our bowling contest. They gave a thorough, old-fashioned thumping to the rest of the staff. Kammy’s 159 and Bob’s 137 made all of the rest of the staff rethink ever bowling without bumpers again.

2. Tricia could start her own bakery.

Several of the team have been grateful for her baking skills over the years. This year she outdid herself with two sugar cream pies that got eaten faster than we could help it. If you’re ever looking for baking tips, you need to see Tricia.

3. Who knew that Jerry enjoyed cooking family breakfast on Christmas Day?

When asked about our favorite Christmas traditions, Jerry talked with a jolly smile about how he loves to cook his family a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls. After hearing about this tradition, several of the guys considered crashing the Day’s Family Christmas morning.

4. The funniest Christmas tradition went to our youth pastor, Randy Gilbert.

Randy and his family enjoy decorating their Christmas tree together. They enjoy it so much that they make a day of it. They decorate the tree, order takeout from YeeKee and watch the movie Elf. You can’t go wrong with Will Ferrell and Yeekee!

5. The most spiritual award went to Barb Malburg.

While they often travel or meet at different families homes to celebrate Christmas, they have one tradition that follows them wherever they go. Before opening their presents, they stop and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas by reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 in The Bible. Well played Barb, well played!

6. Hannah Simonton’s and Ginger Jordan’s families are holiday gamers.

Both of these ladies said their families enjoy spending time together playing games. Ginger’s family plays mostly card games and Hannah’s family likes board games.

7. Mike Morrow makes the most of his time with his boys.

When asked about the Morrow household, it was clear that they have fun when their boys come into town. While they used to go out on Christmas Eve and give the boys an extra $20 bill to go pick out whatever they want, they savor the time together with a new tradition: pizza and a movie!

8. Family History means a lot to the Wischmeier clan.

The Wischmeier family has dedicated themselves by serving the community for decades with their nursery on State Road 11. While they have chosen to close their doors officially this year, Jerry still loves to reminisce about how his family grew up celebrating Christmas. Some of his favorite memories were of putting up their tree on Thanksgiving weekend, opening presents on Christmas Eve, and receiving an orange as a present each year.

9. Our music pastor James Young takes his show on the road.

Because Melani’s family lives in Texas, the Young family often travels to see their family out of state. It’s a great time for them to catch up with family about their year and plan for the year ahead. You may not know this, but James was actually born in Texas as well.

10. Adam Johnson may have the coolest wife in the world.

Some people are interested in watching Hallmark Christmas movies, listening to holiday music, and sitting next to chestnuts roasting on an open fire. While that may sound like a fun Christmas tradition to you, the Johnson’s take it to the next level. In between Bing Crosby and eating festive food, you can find Adam and Abbie relaxing to the Bruce Willis’ Christmas classic, Die Hard.