RidgeNotes: Everything You Need To Know About Daniel

On Sunday, we continued our summer message series entitled, Majoring on The Minors. This 6-week series focuses on 6 of the “Minor” Prophets in the Bible. The Minor Prophets are some of the more obscure books of the Bible, but have some of the most relevant messages for us.

During this series, we’ll be blogging along with the messages to help you take some spiritual next steps.

Each week, we’ll be covering:

  • the big idea of the book we talked about on Sunday
  • key verse in the book mentioned
  • important lessons we learn about God that we see in each book

We’ll also be giving some context of:

  • where the story took place historically
  • how the book fits into God’s Big Story
  • how the book fits into our story

This week, we’ll be focusing on Daniel.

Message Recap

Jerry’s second message in this series highlighted the life of Daniel. While Daniel is technically considered a “major” prophet, we didn’t want to make a major deal about a minor detail. This message focused more on the life of Daniel, rather than the prophetic content in the book. Daniel’s life and example is inspiring, with how he was committed to God (even to the point of death in a lion’s den) in a culture that did not follow his God.

The Big Idea of Daniel

Convictions are just decisions made ahead of time.

Key Verse

Daniel 6:10- But when Daniel learned that the law had been signed, he went home and knelt down as usual in his upstairs room, with its windows open toward Jerusalem. He prayed three times a day, just as he had always done, giving thanks to his God.

In Daniel we see,

  • God protecting those who are fully devoted to Him.
  • God providing over and over for faithful followers.
  • God promising redemption and hope for the future through Jesus.

Where Daniel Took Place

The book of Daniel is set within the context of the sixth century exile. The events narrated in the first six chapters date from the year Nebuchadnezzar deported Daniel and his friends (605) to the third year of Cyrus (536). This spans the entire period of the Babylonian exile. The exile was one of the key events in the history of Israel, and the book of Daniel is set in the midst of this important time of transition for the people of God. The visions found in the last six chapters of Daniel extend beyond the Babylonian exile, although how far they extend into the future is a matter of intense debate.

How Daniel Fits Into God’s Big Story

The book of Daniel is a unique part of the Old Testament because it begins with history but contains visions of future events significant to the Jews. At first, it primarily focuses on God is in charge even when people try to get in the way of His plans. Later, Daniel mentions the future arrival of Jesus to save His people from the forces of evil. In particular, Daniel 9 gives a meticulous timeline of when Israel’s Messiah would appear and events that will follow.

How Daniel Fits Into My Story

Daniel’s story is an inspiration to followers of Christ who feel the pressure to conform to an ungodly society. He and his friends decided to stay faithful to God. Although they faced persecution and threats of death, God protected them, provided for them, and blessed them in spite of it all. The book of a Daniel encourages followers of Christ to do the same today.

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