Alcohol and Anxiety

When most people think of alcohol and anxiety, they usually think of how having a glass of wine helps relax you and reduce stress. Because alcohol is a depressant so it can reduce anxiety. And while having a drink after a long stressful day is harmless many people are unaware that alcoholism and anxiety are frequently co-occurring disorders. Excessive drinking actually makes anxiety worse, not reduce it. Using alcohol to self medicate or to relieve stress and anxiety is the same as using a pain killer. Sooner or later you’re going to need a higher dosage.

If you drink frequently, you’re more prone to higher levels of anxiety. This might tempt you to start drinking again. Unfortunately, this is how people develop serious drinking problems.

Signs you might be using alcohol to reduce anxiety

  • Using alcohol to reduce social discomfort.
  • Feeling compelled to drink at any social event.
  • Drinking to increase confidence.
  • Drinking to reduce negative thoughts or suppress painful memories.

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