How To Help A Loved One Who Doesn´t Want Help?

Many of us with family members or loved ones who struggle with addiction, know all to well the pain of not knowing how to help them. We, ourselves, have found outreach groups, rehabs, support groups, and counselors to help our loved ones; but the problem is they don´t want it. Nothing is more painful than the feeling of hopelessness in these situations. For family members and friends, this can be extremely frustrating. You can see how the drugs or substance is destroying his/her life and you want to help him. Many parents and relatives blame themselves for a loved one’s substance abuse. You are not responsible for another person´s actions and self harm.

Set Boundaries

Let them know that you still love or care about them, no matter how severe their addiction. If this is not true or possible, at least that you have their best interests at heart, whether or not they get help. This doesn’t mean that you will put up with anything. In order to protect yourself and help your loved one, boundaries must be set. Without your enabling behavior as a safety net, they might seek help sooner rather than later.

Show Them Understanding

It’s important that you don’t confront your loved one in a way that will cause an argument. It’s common for those abusing drugs to get angry easily, so you need to approach the situation with care.

Call treatment centers.
Once you have a list of treatment centers (whether inpatient, outpatient or day treatment facilities) that you think might work for your loved one, ask him/her if they’d like for you to call them or to find out more.

Organize A Professional Intervention

If your loved one is unwilling to go to addiction treatment, you may want to consider holding an intervention. This can be done on your own or with the aid of a professional. If you aren’t comfortable holding a meeting on your own, you can contact an addiction specialist, interventionist, social worker, or psychologist to help you orchestrate an intervention either in the person’s office or at home

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