Questions To Ask When Choosing A Rehab Facility

With thousands of treatment facilities across the United States, choosing which one is best suited for you or your loved one’s needs can be a daunting task to say the least. Questions such as “Does this program have people my age? to “Is this program open minded to people who come from different lifestyles?” are all to common. These are just a few of the types of questions we have received at Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center from our past clients. We know from personal experience how overwhelming it can be to search for hours upon hours while comparing if this rehab is the right one for you or your loved one. To help make your decision a little bit easier we wrote up a small guide of questions to ask yourself before making such an important choice. It’s important to think of choosing a rehab the same way as if you were an employer screening a candidate during a job interview. You want to make sure you or your loved will be receiving the best care possible.

Is 24-hour care provided and how qualified is the staff?

Will there be staff available around the clock to make sure you or your loved one has all the support they need? How qualified is the medical staff on the team? Ridgeview Ranch has licensed and certified counselors, therapists, and clinical professionals. Our clinical team have master’s level and above credentials equipped to help our patient’s to long-term sobriety and recovery.

How often is therapy provided?

Patients should receive at least three hours of therapy daily, five days a week, as required for licensed rehabilitation facilities. Our patients receive 3–5 hours of therapy daily. Our treatment program also includes alternative therapy to include yoga, equine therapy, art therapy and more.

How are treatment plans developed?

Ask how the center you are looking into creates their treatment plans. Are they copy and pasted from other facilities? Have they been tested and what is their success rate? Our treatment program is created for each individual and determined according to each patient’s personal treatment needs.

Is the program short-term or long-term?

Often time many rehab programs are 28 days long, which as you can imagine is not enough time to truly recover from addiction. Addiction is a complex problem involving both physical and mental damage. Most people need considerably longer than 28 days to become stably sober. Ridgeview Ranch offers 30, 60, 90 day and longer treatment programs. 28 days is not enough time to establish sobriety and recovery.

Does the program include a nutritional hearty menu or meal plan?

Many patients when they first arrive at a treatment facility are malnourished or have developed bad eating habits. Sometimes patients haven’t eaten at all. Making sure that the rehab center provides a meal plan or has an onsite personal chef to cater to your specific diet or allergies is very important. Ridgeview Ranch provides healthy, nutritional meals provided by our on-site chef. Our patients rave about our delicious meals.

Does the program teach life skills to support a sober life?

Making sure that the program you are choosing is well balanced on all sides not just treatment is crucial. Some programs believe in a simple “fill the bed” approach. Making sure that you are choosing a program that truly values you and understands your situation is the key to a successful rehabilitation. Anyone who has truly dealt with addiction knows that past temptations are always around the corner, literally. Old drug-using friends or drug dealers will try to come and contact you again. In regards to the unforeseeable future, there could be minor or major setback such as a job loss, divorce or other stress factors. These stress factors are what we call triggers. Being part of a drug rehab program that provide life skills training that transition to a new life of sobriety to reality is crucial. Ridgeview Ranch prides itself for teaching life skills to give you the foundation and tools that you need for long term sobriety and your new life.

Is family participation encouraged?

Certain programs believe in a no contact approach while others encourage family participation. Ask yourself which approach is best for you. Ridgeview Ranch highly recommend family participation for success. We offer family programs on the weekend to help families understand what their loved one is dealing with and how to support their loved one when they return home.

What kind of environment does the rehab offer?

Not all rehabs offer the same type of environment. And we aren’t just talking about a beach get away vs. a nature based facility. Does the facility believe in a warm family approach or a more independent type of program? Ridgeview Ranch not only offers affordable, beautiful facilities, excellent treatment, nutritional meals, activities, etc.; however, we provide the treatment foundation and tools to help our clients have long term success.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or substance abuse, call Ridgeview Ranch today to speak with one of our addiction specialists at (877) 526–7706 for a free consultation. For additional information regarding our detox, outpatient and inpatient (30, 60, & 90 day) treatment programs, please visit We accept all major PPO insurances and have financing programs to fit your needs. We are here to help you!

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Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center, established since 2007, is California’s premier alcohol and drug treatment center located in the greater Los Angeles area.

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