Tips For Staying Sober When Going Out

Many people ask ¨How will I go out with friends or to parties now that I am sober?¨Whether you are new in your recovery or if you have been sober and clean for many years, we all know from experience that when the text messages and calls start rolling in you can´t help but start to feel anxious. On one hand you want to go out and socialize with friends, while on the other you don´t want to compromise all the hard work and discipline you have put in. But the question remains:

How do I have fun without drinking?

While the thoughts of avoiding all social events that involve alcohol might seem like an option, most people would agree that in this day and age it isn’t entirely realistic. Whether we like it or not, alcohol is a constant presence in our daily lives and learning how to enjoy social events without it is crucial to long term successful sobriety. Believe it or not, you can have fun without drinking and actually be the life of the party without the going crazy, hangovers and regret or embarrassment the next morning.

Tips For Going Out

  1. ASK Questions before agreeing to go out!
  • Will there be non-alcoholic drinks provided?”
  • “Who is going to be there?”
  • Will there be drugs there?
  • “Will there be people there who aren’t drinking?”

2. Bring your own drink: If the host is not providing any non-alcoholic beverages, bring a bottle of your own, whether it is a liter of Coca-Cola, fruit juice or sparkling water. And make sure you WATCH your drink closely. Never leave it unattended.

3. Have a least ONE supportive friend with you: This way when temptation comes or you feel uncomfortable you have someone to confide in or check in with at all times.

4. NEVER let someone pour you a drink unless it´s your supportive friend.

5. Have an Exit Plan: At most events, as the night goes on, people tend to get more inebriated. It´s best to plan ahead what time you plan to leave instead of seeing how the party goes. You can leave an event early to avoid dangerous situations.

Final note: The most important thing we want to say is remember to relax and have fun! Going out and being sober should not feel like a burden. Socialize like you always would. One great thing about social events without alcohol is it you no longer have alcohol to ¨break the ice¨, therefore making you more confident in social situations.

If at any point you feel your sobriety is being threatened, it is important to leave the event immediately.

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