GraphQL has become a buzzword over the last few years after Facebook made it open-source. I have tried GraphQL with the Node.js, and I agree with all the buzz about the advantages and simplicity of GraphQL.

So what is GraphQL? This is what the official GraphQL definition says:

GraphQL has been a buzzword for last few years after Facebook has made it open-source and so I tried GraphQL with the Node.js and I completely agree with all the buzz about the GraphQL, its advantages, and simplicity.

I recently switched to Go-lang for the new project from the Node.js…

Go 1.11 hit the ground on 24 August 2018. It introduces a few really needed tools and components such as versioned modules, WebAssembly support, and debugging improvements. It also brings some changes to core packages and performance/run-time.

As always, the release maintains the Go 1 promise of compatibility. So almost…

Take advantage of much needed tools and components

Go 1.11 was released on August 24th, 2018 and has introduced a few really needed tools and components. This includes versioned modules, experimental WebAssembly support, debugging improvements, and minor changes to core packages and performance/run-time.

This piece will walk through installing Go 1.11 on your Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS…

Most products start with MVP and are groomed and scaled based on requirements. As they progress, such projects may face challenges in scaling and being resistant to software erosion.

Before development commences, plan for an app to have the following attributes:

  • It should use declarative formats and proper documentation to…

ES2017 or ES8 is the latest ECMAScript specification which was released in last June. In ES2016/ES7 there are very few major changes compare to ES2015/ES6(Promises, Arrow functions, and other modern language elements). But in ES2017 there are few interesting features are introduced. You can read the full specification of ES2017 here. But I don’t think that you want to read 885-page specification so let’s dive into major changes in ES2017 and we will also go through the ES2018 proposals.

Major Changes:
1. Async functions
2. Shared memory and atomics

Minor Changes:
3. Object.values() and Object.entries()
4. Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors()
5. String padding
6. Trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls

According to me, the most exciting feature of the ES2017 is async functions(async/await) as it lets you write cleaner code…

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