O’s Big Adventure

What I’m Doing : in Spain!

For the first three months of my year long BIG adventure I’ll be in Spain working with horses at the Caballo Blanco Horse Riding Center. In exchange for doing some of the chores associated with maintaining 27 horses I will get food + housing + riding lessons + trail time.

I’ve saved 2/3 the cost of my trip and need your help to raise the final third! Your contributions will help cover the $1000 cost of international travelers’ insurance that includes horseback riding + related injuries + any other medical emergencies that pop up for the whole 12 months of my round the world trip.

Contribute here: https://www.youcaring.com/omolarawilliams-910251

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Labor Trading

This is a common barter practice — you’ve probably even done it before! — where you work and instead of being paid in money you are compensated in something else. The compensation can be anything that you want and are willing to work for: housing, food, clothes, a new i-phone, a vacation, etc. Many folks’ first labor trade experiences are with their parents or someone in their family or someone in their kinship network. This practice of labor trading has almost always been a part of human community and doesn’t necessarily require that folks know each other, just that they each have something the other wants to trade for. Today labor trading is facilitated by many online sites. There are whole online communities dedicated to labor trading. Some of these communities are specific to skills or needs like organic farming( worldwide opportunities on organic farms) or childcare ( there are sooo many au pair sites) or language teaching. For this trip Workaway will be my primary online labor trade community. I’ve provided a few links to sites below.

Labor Trading Sites

WWOOF : http://wwoof.net/

WORKAWAY : https://www.workaway.info/workaway-account-en.html

AU PAIR : http://www.goaupair.com/