O’s Big Adventure: O the Places I’ll Go

For the next year I will be traveling the world on a solo mission to conquer my fears, realize my dreams and make my souls sing! I’ll be spending the first three months of my trip in Southern Spain, in a region called Andalucia, in a historical district called Alpujarras that’s located on the south side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Then I’ll fly across the world to the island of Java in Indonesia. While in Indonesia I will live in the the Yogyakarta region , in a tiny town called Klaten that’s known for being the home places of many traditional Javanese art forms. From Indonesia I’ll make a brief stop in the US on my way to Cuba. In Cuba I will attend the Black Portratitures Conference, an annual academic conference looking at the intersection of race and visual culture. Off course I will also take time to see and enjoy the island while there. Post conference I fly to Morocco. In Morocco the city of Fez, the intellectual capital of the country, will be my home base. From here I will also visit Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, and the Sahara desert. I will round my trip off with a visit to an intentional community in the South of France called Taize. I’ve left myself with a few months wiggle room to stay longer in places or go back if I really fall in love with them and to take shorter weeklong trips to some bigger ( and also more expensive!) cities like Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bali, Bangkok, Jakarta, Cairo, Istanbul, Havanna ( they’ve got AMAZING flight deals from Europe to Cuba now too), Makakilo ( Hawaii is really close to Indonesia), the Maldives.

I’ve saved 2/3 of the cost of the trip! Your contributions will help to cover the last third. This includes the $1000 cost of international traveler’s insurance which will pay for any air travel mishaps ( flight cancellations, missed flights or connections, lost baggage, trips home for emergencies, etc) and medical mishaps ( let’s not make a list cause who wants to conjure that!) for the whole 12 months of my journey.

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