RIDO XHunt Cmapaign Tutorial

4 min readApr 26, 2024

RIDO #XHunt Airdrop event aims to bridge data from Web2 social platforms with Web3 addresses, facilitating the transition of Web2 recommendation systems to Web3. Think of each post as a potential mining pool, with each participant in the Xmining event acting as a miner. Each post can be mined by up to 20 miners.


  1. Open the website: https://mint.rido.io/airdrop/x-mining and kickstart your mining journey!
  2. Link your wallet to get started.

3. Complete the “Connect Twitter & Follow RIDO” task with minimal gas fees to claim points.

4. Complete the “Add RIDO to Profile ‘’ task, it means you need to add @rido to your twitter profile.

5. Complete the “Verify Reputation” task with minimal gas fees to claim points.

6. Mine X to earn points

The mining process is initiated by:

a. Select a post, quote or comment under the post and

· must tagging @rido_crypto official account

· must adding #AI or #web3 tags.

b. In a few minutes, Find X will display your tweet and you can claim points.

c. Once a new miner starts mining (comment/rt/quote under the same tweet) , the previous miner’s mining activity on that post terminates, your points will be shown on the Mine X page, you can claim it. The earlier you collect potential posts, the higher the $RIDO rewards you may receive.


  1. Each post can only be mined by one miner at a time. Once a new miner starts mining, the previous miner’s mining activity on that post terminates, the earlier you collect potential posts, the higher the $RIDO rewards you may receive. (based on detection time from rido official API, as indicated on the rido event page).
  2. After the previous miner’s mining activity terminates, all miners can claim their rewards on the event page. RIDO calculates each miner’s total mining earnings using the following method:

· Fixed points: 5

· Additional incentives: The difference between the post’s score when the next miner starts mining and when the current miner started mining, with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1000. The score calculation formula is: x.Retweet + x.Reply*2 + x.Like/2 + x.Quote*5.

The last miner automatically receives the same score as the previous miner once mining is complete.

3. To prevent excessive issuance of rido points and to intercept bots to some extent, each miner can claim a maximum of 51 mining actions per day. This means miners need to select the most profitable mining content for today and reap the rewards! Good luck, miners!

Referral Task

Inviting one person earns 50 points for both the inviter and the invitee. The invitation is considered successful when the invited person completes at least the first task of binding Twitter.

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📕 About RIDO
BNBChain Hackathon 2nd prize | The 1st #DataFi on BNBChain | RIDO protocol which is DataFi infra & protocol focus on helping users to extract value from their personal data (through data mining & data trading).

RIDO consist of BAS (an attestation server built on BNB which provide a data standard & bridge between web2 & web3), RIDO DAO (for governance&incentive) and Homo protocol (deal with how to allocate income among users & data pricing).


✍️ About BAS:
Powered by RIDO team, one of the BNBChain hackathon winners.
The BNB Attestation Service (BAS) is an infrastructure built on the BNB ecosystem for generating attestation to verify information. BAS assists users in on-chain or off-chain verification, allowing them to assert ownership of attestation by storing them in Greenfield.

Twitter | DC | TG | Website | DOC | Github

First Interpretation of BAS

BAS Quick Read




Programmable data generation,programmable access control, composability among variables. RIDO--Redefine the Data Ownership in Web3