Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

As I reported on Friday my car is now legal, which took $85 at the inspection and $10 at the MVA to transfer my tags. Spent $2 on coffee during that adventure. Saturday was so beautiful in the morning and I had a super fun time at polo, actually keeping up with the game nicely. I then rode, stopped at work and went to hockey (they won, another mess of major penalties). Spent $25.65 on gas in my car, and then Sunday morning I put $35.65 of gas in my truck.

Sunday was extremely windy and cold but the fox chase was great- saw a fox super close up and watched a hound do a total double take when it passed him. That was $30 and I spent $15 for a used horse blanket. They provided snacks after (in a warm barn) and then once I was home I went to work for a while. Spent $203.30 out of my $200 estimate.

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