Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

On Friday I ran errands including a haircut ($15), plasma (+$35) and an oil change ($44.3). The oil change pissed me off since I went to one of those “quick” places that try to upcharge you for literally everything and once I left I found out that my good mechanic has some replacements in his shop to cover while he’s treated for cancer. I’ll go back to him next time. Saturday I went to the Apple store and spent $21.58 on gas and chips to get home. Played in the river with a friend. Sunday I spent $1.05 on coffee, $18.17 on a date meal and $8.76 for electrolytes for my horse.

In total spent $108.94, estimated $150. Feel great about all but that stupid marked up oil change.

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