Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

On Friday I went to am AMAZING acrobatics/circus show at work for free after spending the day working and putting gas in my truck for the weekend ($39.26). Saturday I went to a Hunter Pace with some nice ladies ($20) and then went to a cool vista called High Rock and hiked a little on the AT with my friend. Spent $2.22 on coffee and $3.70 on food. I then put $21.70 of gas in my car and watched my team win another hockey game! Got more food ($3.50) and drove home. 
Sunday was the Murder Mystery Trail Ride, which this year was themed ‘Who Shot JR?’ (his dad…which we did not guess correctly). I then drove home and rode with my landlady’s friend then went directly to polo. Mercifully they had enough people so I groomed instead of riding. No money spent that day.

I spent $90.38 which is just under my $100 estimate. I am declaring ‘No Fast Food November’ starting tomorrow. I have all sorts of unhealthy stuff in my house thanks to Halloween and don’t need any additional help!!

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