Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

This weekend was very fun and activity filled! On Saturday I (eventually) made it to the DC Billfold lunch to meet LookUponMyWorks, Carly + Andnowlights (and her spreadsheets) IRL. That involved $5 on my Metro card and $15 worth of food and drink. After I left I had a very quiet Sweet 16 to work. Sunday I went to a Hunter Pace ($20) and had a really fun ride. I was going to go to work but then my truck battery got disconnected (??how) and roadside assistance had to rescue me from my own driveway. So work did without me and I stopped at a friends party for a couple hours then onto a meeting and spent $3 at the Dollar store.

Friday was my least fun day- I spent $15 on horse feed and then went car shopping. I’ve learned quickly that texting people is the easiest way to talk about the car their selling without getting annoyed. Additionally I spent $9 at various points on fast food because I was seemingly never home. All told I think I spent $67.

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