Music Couples We Dream Of Pt 1

Music Industry relationships have always been a fun topic to follow. There are the good, the bad, the hot, and the not so hot relationships floating around. However you can’t help but sometimes be the industries matchmaker and make up great couples in your head. Here are some dream relationships we came up with.

Drake + Madonna= Yes, Coachella did sell us on this idea, but the thought was there before. When Drake released the song ‘Madonna’ it was clear to us that the 80’s pop star was thirsty for young blood and the modern rap icon that has a taste for mature women are perfect for each other. Plus, there is no doubt that Drake wanted to be eskimo brothers with Tupac.

Lil Wayne + Young Thug= We have come to the conclusion that Wayne and Thugs recent beef is due to their secret love affair. They are using beef to cover up the undeniable truth. They might be fooling all of you, but they are not getting this one past us. Wayne and Thugs favorite activities to do together are sip lean, pose nude for album covers, take long walks on the beach, write raps about each other and say it’s about someone else, and dress alike.

Rihanna + Shakira= After the world was introduced to Shakiras music video for ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ the thought of Rihanna and Shakira together made the world’s brain melt. It is the perfect combination of sexy and talented. If the two of them are unstoppable on their own, imagine what they could do together.

Justin Bieber + Ariana Grande= Unfortunately Ariana Grande and Big Sean have recently called it quits. Although we are quite saddened by this, Justin Bieber is celebrating. He finally has a chance to swoop in on Ariana and make her his queen. Now this all depends on if Ariana is okay with it because once you go black you never go back. If Bieber doesn’t work out for her she always has Jai Brooks.

Eminem + Iggy Azalea= Sure Iggy and Nick Young are a cute couple, but what does an up and coming basketball player have on a rap god? Many would argue that Eminem and Iggy are perfect for each other with their blonde hair, pointy noses and solid jaw lines. It might get a little awkward when Em’s daughter Hailie and Iggy become best friends and start to go clubbing together. If only Iggy would get over Eminem’s prior rape lyrics, everything would work out just fine.

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