How to promote your DAPP!

Well, so you created your first ETH dapp or second… But how to reach users, unless App-store or Play store for DAPP there is no well build promotion ways. Google/Facebook are not allowing to advertise these services etc.

Let’s see what left for a developer to promote his product.

Submit to DAPP directories:
Here is a shot list about the available listing sites. It is supper effective to reach DAPP users.
- (Free moderated listing time)
- (Free instant listing time)
- (Free fast listing time)
- (Free slow listing time)
- (Free selected listing)
- (Free fast listing time)
- (0.1 ETH fast listing time)

Dappradar is the biggest DAPP listing site.

Promoting on Reddit:
- There are many subreddit where you can show your work, there are less effective, because not every Reddit users are using DAPPs regulary.

Telegram and Discord:
- Discord is super hot now, there are more than 50 Cryptogaming channels are exist, but they are full of spams. Telegram has less spam but most of the channels are not allowing adverts. 
Here is some really nice Discord channel:
- (Cryptogamming 500+ online)

- There are still some crypto forum which has decent visitors.
- (Ofc. #1 Forum of this topic)

- Unless you are not an influencer there is really few chance to reach peoples on these channels. Sorry Medium but it is true.

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