5 Best Rated DataBases & SQL Talks

There’s always a dilemma on the conference which talk to visit, how to make a right room decision. Thanks to video records and after the conference ratings from the session visitors, we can fix this issue and tell for sure which sessions was definetly worth attending. Here, we gathered best rated Riga Dev Days videos 2016–2018.

Databases & SQL

#5. Make the RDBMS Relevant Again with RESTful Web Services and JSON, by Tim Hall, @oraclebase

Rating: 4,75/5

As #5. attendees chose one of the world’s most popular and respected experts - Dr. Tim Hall. His session is packed with the code examples and while Tim is processing them, he tells funny stories from his real job.

This session describes ways to add JSON support to your existing applications using a variety of tools including Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), the APEX_JSON and APEX_WEB_SERVICE packages and the JSON support built into Oracle Database 12c.

#4. Function Result Cache — Fixed, Piet de Visser, @pdevisser

Rating: 4,78/5

As #4 people chose independent speaker Piet de Visser. People leave his session with many tips and tricks they can apply immediately at workspace.

This presentation is a must for developers struggling with over-complicated systems. On troubleshooting a particularly Complicated (PL/SQL-based) system, Piet found that the Function-Result-Cache did not work as advertised. A Colleague found the cause, and devised an inventive Fix.

#3. 18(ish) Things Developers Will Love about Oracle Database 18c, Chris Saxon, @chrisrsaxon

Rating: 4,79/5

#3 and #2 goes to Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. His presentations are full of real time examples and magic with SQL. Attendees are always enjoying his sessions because of his teaching style and how he shares coding best practices.

In this session Chris gives you an overview of the changes to SQL and PL/SQL that will help you build faster, more robust database applications.

#2. More SQL Magic!, Chris Saxon, @chrisrsaxon

Rating: 4,88/5

This is a very fun session, where Chris performs SQL “magic tricks”. For all DB developers recommended.

#1. Oracle Hacking Session, Kamil Stawiarsky, @ora600pl

Rating: 4,95/5

And #1 goes to Kamil Stawiarski just recently awarded the title of Ace Director. His presentations have an extensive number of case studies and live coding just on a screen.

In this session, people get preview of how to hack the most recent release of enterprise software. Have fun watching this.

We invite you to visit RigaDevDays in May 2019 to update your knowledge and see what new hacks you can learn.

Anyway, there’s always an excuse for DB developer: