Best Rated .NET Talks

RigaDevDays for the first time hosted .NET track in 2018 and eventually got very good feedback and appraisal from participants. So we publish 5 the most highly rated of these awesome talks.

#5 Demystifying the Core of .NET Core, Tamir Dresher

Rating 4,46/5

.NET Core has revolutionized the way we build applications. Today, you can write .NET code once and run it anywhere using the tools, practices, and techniques that .NET community known and loved for years. In this video you’ll learn about architecture of .NET Core and .NET Standard which allows it to run on any platform like Linux, OSX and windows. And you will explore how to integrate the different utilities, libraries and concepts to maximize your .NET skills in the new world of cross-platform .NET.

Did you count how much times we used .NET word in this text? :)

#4 Architecting .NET Core solutions for Docker, Alex Thissen

Rating 4,5/5

If you have questions like how do I design a solution architecture that fits well with containers? Would I use .NET or .NET Core? What is a proper way to migrate to such an architecture? Where do container orchestrators fit in and how do I build and deploy my solutions on a Docker container cluster, such as Docker Swarm? — This video is for you!

Also, come to see new Alex’s talk at Riga Dev Days 2019 “It depends: .NET Core dependency injection”

#3 ASP.NET Core hidden gems, @Fanie Reynders

Rating 4,61/5

This video covers some of the features in the ASP.NET Core, that is not that obvious, that we can utilise when building modern and practical APIs. Think REST, dependency injection, application startup, startup filters, custom servers, clients, hosted services, conventions, model binding, application parts, HATEOAS, and more.

#2 Busy Developer’s Guide to .NET Common Intermediate Language (CIL), Ted Neward

Rating 4,68/5

In this video, you’ll find out how to read (and write) IL (Intermediate Language) code directly, so as to better understand how the runtime works, learn what new type features were introduced in the .NET 2.0 release to support generics, and be able to disassemble key libraries, without the source, that you depend on.

Ted is visiting the conference in 2019 with 2 talks and maybe one of them will help to catсh the first place in our rating :)


#1 Unit Testing Strategies & Patterns in C#, Bill Dinger

Rating 4,93/5

In this video, you’ll go over not just how to unit test your code using MsTest, Moq, & AutoFixture but the patterns & processes to ensure your code can be unit tested. Plus you’ll see a wide variety of examples of how to test common C# projects such as web API and console applications and different scenarios.

See, what .NET sessions are announced in the conference program in 2019 and join one of the biggest meeting points for developers in the Baltic States! Riga Dev Days is the place for technologies dialogue.