Main takeaways of RigaDevDays 2019

A brief overview, the main idea, useful links, and future plans.

Riga Dev Days
3 min readJun 7, 2019


Brief Overview

RigaDevDays celebrated its 5th anniversary together with 700 developers. Two days, 5 technical tracks, over 60 presentations, and amazing afterparty.

Java and DevOps tracks are already on Youtube. Enjoy!

Day 1. Java track + Sam Aaron and Burr Sutter Keynotes.
Day 1. Microservices Track
Day 2. Java track + Venkat Subramaniam and Ted Neward Keynotes.
Day 2. Microservices Track

NET, SQL and Emerging Tech videos of the sessions will be available in June.

The main idea

RigaDevDays in 2019 was organized under the slogan “dialogue of technologies”. According to the keynotes, this moto will trend future development of the industry.

So the key thought that applies to all developers: Learn New and Be Polyglot.

Venkat Subramaniam showed that programming field is evolving all the time, but not so fast as we think. Lambdas were introduced in 1929, OOP — in 1967. So why does adoption take so long? The answer is — we are stuck in our mindset and in order to make a shift we need to learn and rethink existing concepts. And for that, we need to learn. Learn new technologies, platforms, and frameworks which lie beyond familiar programming paradigm.

Ted Neward explained the importance of being a ‘jack-of-all-languages’ and gave examples of easy steps to be on top of the ‘polytechnical’ continuum. Ted also shares the idea of the importance of diving into several programming languages, several databases, several platforms.

Sam Aaron showed that coding can be also a tool for expressing oneself. In order to do that we should explore and learn new things and possibilities

So be curious to feel the heartbeat of ever-changing technologies.

Useful links from RigaDevDays

Presentations of all the speakers are on the website;

Photos from the event on Facebook;

Videos of all session will be uploaded on Youtube, subscribe.

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Future plans

Even though you can watch all the presentations online, the biggest value of the conference “is meeting your tribe” © Ted Neward. And we are happy to see all the attendees under the same roof and be an international platform to meaningful discussions and dialog of technologies.

So we invite you to RigaDevDays 2020 on May 20–22. Book the dates!

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Riga Dev Days

Tech conference and the annual meeting point of developers in Baltic States. 29–31 May, Riga