October Top-3

Written and edited by Veronika Suhareva.

Here on our blog we share with our readers inspirational stories about different women in IT and technology industry, about how they took the path in something considered “not-so-girlish” and were brave enough to go into unexplored, that in the end turned into success. We hope that our regular interviews inspire and motivate our readers, however, we understand that even a very good interview can leave our readers with a question — but how can I actually start coding/developing/doing things in IT? Does it require a university degree and many years of studying?

Starting from this month we will share on our blog different resources, articles and materials for you to learn IT and technology by yourself — indeed, it doesn’t require sitting in a university auditorium, reading a bunch of academic books, and it could be mastered in a short time if you are motivated enough. We also will share helpful resources for those already making steps in the technology field. So, here goes our October Top3 shared by other women in IT:

1. freeCodeCamp https://www.freecodecamp.org

Imagine yourself in a camp where everyone is coding, developing, designing, and learning new things from each other. This website allows you to learn to code for free not simply from reading long and complicated educational texts— you will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript from actually writing a code, as for completing any subject or topic you need to submit a real working code. A big plus is also that after completing the course you receive certification and can get experience in development for non-profit organizations — no need to go to the university and search for a practice, at the end of the course you will be a ready junior developer. Study whenever you want, anytime of the day. Another great feature of the camp is the community — whenever you need help, you go and ask for it in a group chat, instead of searching for ready solutions and answers on the web page or instructions. A totally must-have for everyone thirsting to code!

Shared by Veronika Suhareva | Riga TechGirls Core team member

2. MDN web docs https://developer.mozilla.org

This is a great resource for everyone who is interested in web technologies. It may seem a little bit boring and geeky at the first glance, as it is structured like a documentation :) However, they provide a lot of examples and use cases. As it is an open source website the biggest part of the articles is translated to other languages, which is a big plus. On this page you can find different articles about HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the beginners. But even when you start to be advanced in coding you will still find plenty of useful information there. For example, it could be articles about how to build web applications or what is Web APIs and how to use them. Anyway, it is useful both for new starters and coding “pros”!

Shared by Jevgenija Zigisova | Front-end Web developer

3. BrowserStack https://www.browserstack.com/

This is a tool for instant access to all real mobile and desktop browsers. It’s handy for anyone who needs cross-browser support: designers, testers, developers, anyone running their own website and willing to check how it looks not only on their computer, but on various devices. It’s not free, but it offers a trial period. Browserstack states on their website that “we love open source projects, choose any of our plans”, so if your project is an OS, congrats, you can use their services for free!

Shared by Larisa Grigorjeva | Quality Assurance engineer

If you know any useful resources, websites, articles, whatever, and want to share them with our readers — feel free to contact us through any of our social media, share it with the community in our Facebook group or send it directly to our blog editor.

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