The Ultimate Principle

The statement is so obvious it almost hurts. Of course nouns do verbs. But within this simple statement lies the potential to avoid a lifetime of pain, discontent, and lack. How?

By overriding the involuntary and becoming the champion of our thoughts.

The Truth in Thought

Think the thought “Wow, it’s chilly in here.” Observe your surroundings.

Think the thought “Wow, it’s hot in here.” Observe your surroundings.

Did your surroundings change based on your thoughts? Unless you’re Ororo Munroe, nothing changed.

Though if you are the Weather Witch, don’t let any change in temperature discourage you.

Think of a negative moment. Disallow your mind to dwell on it, but observe your body’s reaction.

Now think of a happy moment in your life. Observe your body’s reaction. Can you feel the positive emotions bubble up and flow throughout your body? From a small tingle of joy to full butterflies in your stomach.

Now let’s take the learnings from the previous temperature exercise: Have your surroundings changed at all? Has the seat you’re in changed material? Has the device you’re reading this on become more or less heavy?

No. While the thoughts may have caused an effect within your body, the tangible effects in your immediate surrounding are minimal to none.

What’s far more important: After thinking of your negative experience, you were then able to command your brain to think of a positive experience. More on that in a bit. And trust me…


Sincerely take one minute to observe your thoughts. Especially take not of any thoughts like “This is stupid” or “This isn’t working”. Listen as your thoughts trail off to what you were thinking just before you got to this article.

Actually do it.

If you take any one thing away from this exercise, take these definitions:

What you just perceived — the involuntary thoughts — those were not You thinking. That was involuntary thoughtlessness.

When you consciously produce thought — such as thinking “Wow, it’s hot in here” or “I can achieve my goals” — that is true thought. That is the Right Thought that corresponds with Right Action.

Right Thought has stronger effects than Involuntary Thoughts. Compare the exercise when you purposefully brought to mind the negative experience to any spare negative thoughts that may have appeared in the one-minute exercise. The emotional expressions of the different type of thoughts are hugely disproportionate. Right Thought produces more powerful effects.

Unfortunately, we spend the vast majority of our time in Involuntary Thought. It would be thoroughly mentally exhausting otherwise. Could you imagine having to consciously tell your heart when to beat or your gut how to digest? Likewise…

The mind thinks just as the heart beats and the gut digests.

Thought Champion

Regardless of how the thoughts are produced, they will still have some effect. Until we gain the mental strength to command our thoughts, our task is to regulate our involuntary thoughts to serve our lives in a positive way.

The how to do this is simple.

Remember earlier when you observed your surroundings and emotional reactions?

Remember earlier you watched and listened to your Involuntary Thoughts?

Remember earlier when you were able to command your brain to think of a positive experience after you thought of a negative one?

That’s it.

This will be a continuous exercise. Whenever it comes into your mind to do this exercise, observe your emotional state. If it’s not positive or not moving your life in the direction you desire, try to recall or catch the thoughts that you were thinking that caused the emotions. Then clearly, forcefully, and resolutely think the opposite thought. Repeat the thought mentally.

Because Right Thought is so much more powerful, involuntary thoughts will come to resemble your conscious thoughts. This is similar to dreams resembling current life situations.

Can you imagine the power behind having Involuntary Thoughts that are consistently uplifting?

Right Action starts with Right Thought



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