Neo-liberalism & Identity Politics

It’s not that it’s the fault of ‘’Intersectionality/Identity Politics/Privilege Theory’’ itself as a form of analysis and those whose politics are driven mainly by it that the establishment, ruling class, bourgeoisie or however you want to put it are actively trying to manipulate, colonize you could say the language of Intersectionality/Identity/Privilege to use it for their own ends but it exposes it’s fundamental weaknesses, the overwhelming obsession with recognizing or calling out ‘Problematic’ things which usually pays more attention to analyzing the entertainment industry & ‘call outs’ within the social justice activist & social media communities, rather than looking at actual government or corporate power, with celebrating representation for different identities even if it comes within bourgeois institutions like media, corporations & government itself as if an individual’s acceptance by those institutions doesn’t show that they have taken on another more important Identity as a member of the bourgeoisie . Little if any attention is paid to anything that could be called dare I say a ‘revolutionary’ strategy or thought towards overthrowing the ruling class not just calling on them to ‘recognize their privilege’ & looking to identify every problematic symptom of our social order but never of how to replace it with a new political, economic, social order. There’s the saying ‘there’s no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism’ but I wonder is not so much of Intersectionality/Identity/Privilege politics seeking an ‘ethical, unproblematic intersectional existence under capitalism’ ? That is what Clinton and certain sectors of neo-liberalism see in it as ripe for co-option. Clinton has already been using it as a defense against Bernie Sanders insurgent campaign by portraying his focus on neglected economic/class issues as a ‘one issue candidacy’ while she seeks to be the ‘intersectional candidate’ who talks of recognizing each other’s ‘privilege’. The long term benefits for them will be neutralizing potential opposition, obfuscating class struggle & a new, radical sounding re-branding of neo-liberalism

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