3 Reasons Everyone Hates Salespeople

“I’m good. Just looking…”

“I don’t have time right now…”

“Not interested…”

“I don’t need anything…”

“No thank you…”

Sound familiar? I know I’ve said these things a couple hundred times in my lifetime.

Time and time again, you and I as consumers are shutting down salespeople left and right. Whether it’s at an outlet mall and a salesperson is trying to shove their perfume/cologne down our throats, or a door to door salesperson trying to get us on a subscription of some sort.



Salespeople have been around for decades and eons and will continue to be as long as mankind exists. They’re a necessity in our society whether we like it or not.

But why the negative stigma? Why such negativity towards them? Aren’t they just trying to make a living like the rest of us?

Because they’re:

1. Aggravatingly Pushy

Bad salespeople attempt to “push” their product/service on prospects, rather than “pull” them towards it. They don’t bother taking time to think about their prospects needs, wants, or even bother listening to them. All they see is someone with a wallet. They are bombarding, overbearing, and talk too much about what they believe the customer wants.

Great salespeople carefully target and approach ideal customers and understand common pain points. They are observant about who can benefit from their product/service. They ask thought provoking questions that allow their prospects envision how their product/service can remedy their frustrations. They are professional and logical in every conversation they engage in.

2. Self Interested

Bad salespeople are liars. They will promise anything and everything to a customer to get them to sign the dotted line. They know-it-all and their product is always a great fit for a customer. They have zero integrity and are always thinking of themselves, rather than actually helping the prospect.

Good salespeople are transparent. They will gladly acknowledge their lack of knowledge if it occurs. Though they are product experts, they do not claim to know everything about everything. They are also not afraid to tell a prospect their product/service might not be a good fit.

3. Ignorant

Bad salespeople don’t bother with detail. They don’t take the time to find out the context of their buyers’ situations. They don’t don’t do any prior research into their prospects’ company history, problems, competition, etc. There is no preparation. Deals aren’t closed. Prospects show no trust.

Good salespeople do the research. They ask effective questions to understand the buyer’s past experience. They know their competition. They spend time preparing themselves for their prospects. They are not ignorant of their prospects’ buying history nor how decisions are made within the organization.

Stop being a bad salesperson.

Thank you for reading.

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