Rijali Durham
Feb 26, 2017 · 6 min read

White Supremacy: Truthing The American Dream Part 1 — Feb. 2016 revised Feb. 2017

It is time for some “truth-telling” talk to positively uplift American lives and particularly expand an understanding of the African-American experience. This is a “how we got here” message supporting the “The Movement for Black Lives” engagement, a derivative of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, with the intent to expand its constructive dialogue about retooling the “American Dream.” It begins with the ugly yet true origins of today’s most prevalent social and political issues. White supremacy is still the rotting core fermenting the sweet, Delicious apple we strive to envision as America.

The Republican, Conservative, Populace, and “Trumpublican” agenda is locked and loaded with white supremacist ideology. Republicans control more than 70% of the state governments in America. 1940s social values implemented through legislative agendas, and stealthily supported by brainwashing right-wing, hate talk radio and televised news outlets, are firmly anchored in white supremacist ideals. Disillusioning beliefs about governing and government have been poisoning Americans’ discourse since Ronald Reagan declared, “government is the problem.”

White supremacy is not an “old South” redneck belligerent attitude. It is a complex, pervasive practice of written and unwritten policies that actively assure white people remain the determinant power in the United States and globally. White supremacy is comprised of social principles, practices, and beliefs that all Americans participate in 24 hours a day. It has the amazing power to reorient and literally reimagine the lives of those who consciously and unconsciously learn to accept its ideology and practices.

Traditionally in America, everything associated with white people is considered normal, a baseline for how everything is evaluated. All “others” are measured against their benefit to the “white norm.” Basically, white supremacy is the philosophical umbrella for white racism. This is not to be confused with prejudice which is a preference, like blue over gray. The American ideal encourages individual preferences and supports civil individual expression. The enforcement of a white supremacist culture cloaks the truth and distorts reality for everyone.

Racism is prejudice that is enforceable by the power to impact the life, opportunities and even freedom of those deemed to be “the others” (Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, etc..). Racial prejudice enforceable by State power equals racism. Slave owners were racists not solely due to their racial preferences, it was their State power over the lives of all residents in America that manifested laws legalizing American racism.

Racism is a political term defining power relationships, like socialism and sexism. There are prejudice and bigoted people of color in America, none are capable of being racist. If you are not a member of the dominant race in power, you cannot be a racist. After a “400-year involuntary, unpaid internship,” (slavery, if you missed the pun) some African-Americans have become prejudice and even bigoted. A bigot is a person who is intolerably devoted to a racial prejudice. There are bigots within every ethnicity, and in some cases bigotry gets institutionalized into “class systems” or “caste systems.” White supremacy is always festering in the background.

White supremacist sleight-of-hand messaging has made the misapplication of the term “racist” common in social and political conversation. To maintain and accrue power in American democracy, it is vital to avoid “power relationships” in social and political discourse. Power discussions quickly lead to change oriented solutions. The better strategy is to adeptly sidestep the issue of “white privilege,” which is bestowed on all white people, whether they want it or not. Truth, America is politically, economically and socially structured to give white people unmerited advantage in everything. It is not now, nor has it ever been, nor is it becoming, a level playing field!

A current example, white supremacist ideology soft-pedals its totalitarian viewpoint in the trending objection to “politically correct” discourse. It promotes a disregard of any other peoples’ perspective. Recommending, the word “nigger” instead of “the N-word,” because the “white man’s” racist mindset is supreme. This throwback to the racially insensitive jargon of the slave plantation is promoted to “Make America Great Again!” This is a blatantly white supremacist code phrase for “Make America WHITE Again!” By 2020, people of color will be the majority population of America.

“Politically Correct” is a “Trumpublican” talking point crafted to socially engineer the retarding of political discourse by at least 100 years. Words like “wetback,” “faggot,” “chink,” and “sand nigger” should all be acceptable terms, because white supremacy (predominantly white cisgender male) is the righteous worldview that should never be suppressed. The pushback on “political correctness” stems from a desire to establish the definition and labeling of everything from a racist, homophobic, misogynistic and xenophobic perspective. Can you smell the “Bannon poop” yet?

White Supremacy Soils All of Us Every Day

White liberals and misguided others have embraced stealth and overt white supremacist perceptions well before the Reagan era. The inequality issues that are now being blamed on “Establishment” politics have their root in white supremacist ideology. American white supremacy is the original debilitating drug pushed by the “billionaire/millionaire class” and its drug-addicted lap dogs. While not yet apartheid-style, racial segregation based on white supremacy is at the root of most social infrastructure systems that are failing in America. Education is financed mostly from segregated communities. This institutionalizes the racial inequality of public schooling.

Racism is a tool that even well-meaning liberal-hearted whites perpetuate by skirting the issue of “white privilege” and white supremacy, sliding instead into a class-based analysis of the issues. “Colorblind” becomes a manipulative “codeword” for race evasion or avoidance. It’s simply a conversation that both white liberals and Republicans want to avoid. Frankly, the topic makes white people uneasy, calculating that the inevitable conclusion leads to the dismantling of the “white privilege” they seldom admit to embracing with confidence.

The fact that white supremacy is baked into the cake of America, culturally issues its mantle to white people at birth. The “white privilege” guilt and fear of “race war” reprisals, make rants about “systemic economic inequities” a pleasant, nonconfrontational, and even heroic way to address racism without ever naming it. It licenses the Republican narrative of confronting racism as an act of anti-white discrimination. In fact, taking measures to level the “playing field” (affirmative action) becomes unnecessary, it viciously discriminates against white people. A clever way of ignoring and burying the gigantic factor of “white privilege” in America.

The Conservative trumpet of right-wing talk radio, Fox fake News with its satellites, and multiple stripes of evangelical Christian messaging have vilified liberalism as the “handout-ideology.” A stinky cloud that they also fog over the Democratic Party, the federal government, universities, social services and labor unions. This labels even the mentioning of systemic racism, white supremacy and “white privilege” an act of white racial treason. It represents the use of facts as fiery shrapnel, that burns into white people until they’re brutalized. Then, it berates people of color as spineless for not “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps” and prospering in the great American society!

During the New Deal and Great Society eras, white people broadly supported public service government and the social contract (now called entitlements). Patriotically, it helped people like themselves, hard-working, deserving and decent white folks. During the ’70s, Republicans launched a relentlessly bludgeoning of the American psyche; all government public services are handouts to undeserving minorities and “criminal-minded” individuals (urban lower-class dwellers), particularly African-Americans. So, the call to shrink government and limit its involvement in civic activity, became a noble pursuit for a stronger America. Suddenly, the national deficit became a top priority, saving the future for white America’s youth.

These racist ideologies demonizing government programs, strategically elevate social programs and public services onto the “national debt” chopping block. Statewide, privatizing public services is the Conservative Republican’s primary solution to shrink big government. In many states, predominantly African-American urban centers are sliced and diced by “Emergency Manager” plans. Flint and Detroit Michigan are just two disastrous examples. Firing an entire school districts’ teachers and dissolving service industry unions, have helped sweep the middle class into the financial trash can. This is seldom spoken of as the “Republican consequences” creating the stressed America most of us slog through today.

White supremacy is not always articulated loud and often enough for people to pick up, it is the reality that most people of color in America live through today. With the intensity of a German military “blitzkrieg,” white supremacy bulldozes over everybody earning under $150,000 yearly, it actually is “colorblind” in its widespread destruction. In short, class analysis of American social and political issues, skirts around the true devastation that white supremacy has ravaged within the American economy, the American dream. Lasting solutions cannot be developed without addressing the white supremacist origins of the problems facing America today.

For greater clarity read: “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander and “The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic magazine.

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