Yes, I’m a woman… And I LOVE Football!

I am avid football fan, following my favorite players and teams year-round. I love the game, I love watching it . But just like virtually all other sports, soccer is incredibly male-dominated in every aspect, and as a woman, I’m often left frustrated in the heavily male environment and fandom.

My interest in football is not new, nor is my knowledge of the game .I played competitively for over 3 years, and still play with friends and in pick-up games. I’m an avid, active fan of various players, teams, and leagues. I cherish the 30 days every four years where the whole planet stops to watch the World Cup. However, all of this, all of my experiences and passions, are completely irrelevant to many men upon realizing that I’m a soccer fan.

Germany Football Fans

When I talk to someone about football, I’m doing so because I enjoy it. I want to share, discuss, and talk about what is going on with a topic I’m interested in to someone else. But instead of being met with standard questions, say about the team I support or who my favorite players are, I’m more often met with a likely insulting response — probably about how I’m only watching for the hot players or because I want to be “one of the guys.” I’m tired of men assuming I’m dumb/loser about footballsimply because I’m a woman. I’m tired of offensive and insulting remarks about how I don’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’m only here to see a player take their shirt off.

David Beckham

But seriously

that body tho…


Coca cola CupXD

Ever since I played soccer I have loved it. Now I have progressed a lot and know what I’m doing. My first year I played, I had a goal and it was a very good goal. I kicked the ball and if I remember correctly it went through at least three girls legs and went it in the goal. I was very happy

9 aside….meaning 9 vs 9
Gigantic Goal Bar No Biggy For Our Main GoalkeeperXD
Anton Del Rosario From Azkals
Unlimited PoweradeXDWHOOO
Ofcourse we won!!XD
With Our Coach
James Younghusband From Azkals
Younghusband Cup
Men are not the reason for my interest for football. Football is the reason for my passion for the sport, and it simply happens to be a male-dominated game. Men need to recognize that they aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the sport, and that women have a space in the football fandom as well.
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