Govt. Offers Money For Actress Murder

Once more, man bears the indelible stamp of his lowly origin. It really is the kind of statement you’d expect from a species which is half a chromosome away from a chimpanzee. Well, we’re here again and one of our fellow primates has taken to the pulpit to vomit on human decency and rational, enlightened secular society.

When the Ayatollah Khomeini spewed out his fatwa to pay for the murder of writer, Salman Rushdie, many thought it was the last time we’d see a case so absurd and so prominent. When the Danish cartoonist, in more recent times, drew uproar and death threats for his depiction of a prophet; many of us thought well perhaps this ghastly government endorsed gangsterism is applicable to just one particular monotheism.

Oh no, ladies and gentlemen. The parties of God have struck again and this time from the largest mockery, sorry democracy, in the world — India. I woke up to news today that a member of India’s leading party (which happens to be a rather extreme Hindu sect) had offered an extraordinary bounty for the beheading of a Bollywood actress for her part in a movie which would show love between a Hindu queen and a Muslim man. It’s 2017 and government officials are offering money for murder, again.

The bedrock of everything you and I love, and probably take for granted, is at stake. Britain is still reportedly paying hundreds of millions of pounds in foreign aid to the subcontinent — for what? so that, demagogues and demented theocrats can masturbate their mindless, freedom freezing dogma over the fair minded, the artistic and the law abiding members of civilised society. When a news item like this one comes out, it ought to punch every human being who has a sense of civilisation in the gut because this isn’t an attack on an individual, this is an attack on the right to religious pluralism, the right to write stories, the right to free expression and not be part of a dumb, miserable, dull flock who only see the light of day when it’s time for following or fleecing.

Every penny and every ounce of power should be invested in the safe-keeping of the cast of this movie as well as the release of it. It is absolutely paramount that this production has its intended fruition otherwise, we acquiesce and we take another step back away from the line of integrity, free thought and artistic expression. That line has been drenched in blood and dragged away from societies for thousands of years, at the hands of religious fascism, dictatorship, bigotry and jumped-up jockeys who can’t stand to see anything sit outside of their miserly, minuscule world view.

This is urgent business, not to be taken lightly. Don’t let a news item like this slip away with the other hundred or so tragedies and traumas you’ll read about this week. This is the most deadly, poisonous and deeply offensive kind of bad news and it comes from a set of people who seriously mean harm. This kind of barbarism has no place in our society, talk of murder for books, films, drawings and music has no place in a civilised conversation and such discourse should remain dead, dust-covered and delinquent on the shelf of our stupid past.

Do what you can to resist — write, speak, campaign, protest, think.

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