People are Planets

People are worlds of their own. They are planets. They have atmospheres, stratospheres, our Earth is 70% water, you are about 70% water. Your mind is the God of your planet. You are not a serf, you are not a servant, you are a God. Some Gods make planets collide, they clash, they conspire, they corrupt in attempts to conquer but some Gods collaborate, cooperate, they combine and create to co-exist.

When you see people, see planets. See weather systems, see wars being waged inside. See lava bubbling below the surface, see cool rivers flowing. See ice ages, recognise long arduous periods of cold, lifeless existence — a perplexing paradox, see the lights are on but nobody’s home. Look for the periods of flourish, nature’s profit soars, sunshine pours and life teems through scarlet streams.

See countless, hopeful missions to other planets to strive for connection, deeper understanding and a quenching of curiosity. See the unsuccessful launches, the lousy landings costing hope and heart, the painfully numerous pursuits of passion which suffer falls at a puncturing price. Notice the continuation, the endeavour, the inert, inevitable and infinitive funding of spirit and soul to invest in exploration, improvement and success albeit bruised, battered and burnt.

Don’t see people passing by, see planets orbiting. Envisage chaos beneath clouds of charisma but also see unmined gold ore covered by darkness, see the God of that planet with his eyes closed.