The Meaning Behind The Word ‘Grind’

I will be sharing articles with you on a regular basis which explain the etymology of words which we use all the time. I am a big believer in the power of language and understanding exactly what you are delivering through speech or text. Etymology examines the root of the word to hopefully enlighten you with some context and wider significance.

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‘Grind’ comes from the Old English word ‘Forgrindan’ meaning to destroy by crushing. If you allow your mind’s time traveller to go back to the year 1300, the word was used in the context of ‘making smooth or sharp by friction’.

It is a term that is tossed around today on almost any entrepreneurial viral video, usually coupled with ‘hustle’. When you use it, do you really know what you are saying? When you say you are ‘on the grind’ you literally mean to say that you are actively destroying the matter in front of you. You are deliberately generating heat, tension, hardship, adversity and ‘friction’ to gain a sharp, smooth outcome.

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