The Meaning Behind The Word ‘Hustle’

I will be sharing articles with you on a regular basis which explain the etymology of words which we use all the time. I am a big believer in the power of language and understanding exactly what you are delivering through speech or text. Etymology examines the root of the word to hopefully enlighten you with some context and wider significance.

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Hustle’ can be traced back to 1680 from the Dutch word ‘Husseln’, meaning ‘to shake, to toss’. The word can then be pursued backwards into German dialects; all of which translate to phrases signifying a shaking movement.

It makes sense. You hustle to shake up your circumstances, toss your environment around in order to produce massive change through massive action. This is about leaping out of your comfort zone and grabbing your world by its throat with vigour.

Next time you speak about the hustle, remember you are referring to turbulence, disruption and a shaking up of your circumstances to create new, better situations.

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