The Serendipity of Life

It’s Saturday afternoon, a time which for some reason lures me to write and so I have decided to reflect on yesterday’s activities.

Yesterday in Tottenham, North London; my mother’s new business venture ( ( made its début appearance at a quaint but purposeful event to raise money for Alzheimer’s and simultaneously celebrate the launch of a local business. Picture 100 people in good spirits (the rum punch was flowing too) and ALL of them heaping praise upon praise unto her baking prowess. Delicious home made cakes and treats touch people even more when they trust the sweet lady behind them, comfortable in the knowledge that there are no preservatives or nasty additives — just true food. Good food.

Serendipity and my own opportunism brought about this occasion. I am an opportunist, through and through — I have the ability to find sparks of potential in any situation. I am very good at finding gaps in markets, locating skills within people and formulating ideas. Ideas arrive in abundance but execution is usually the lesser counterpart, not in this incident.

I decided to pitch my mother’s baking to a coffee shop three doors away from my office in London. During my pitch, one of the customers overheard me and she announced in no uncertain terms that she’d like to have my mother supply her event with her cakes. Perfect, I thought. Magic, I felt. This is serendipity, the random repercussions that arise from activeness and execution. Pushing energy into your environment through ideas, proposals, speeches, articles and more; will generate knock-on effects beyond your control or expectations.

You don’t plan for serendipity, it’s counter-intuitive but you should know it is poised and will appear when charmed from its box.

Be opportunistic, seduce serendipity.