Invest in Containers and Earn a Monthly Investment Income

Like investing in real estate, when you make an investment in containers you will enjoy an income producing asset that pays you a guaranteed monthly income.

Many investors invest in real estate for the recurring, monthly income it generates. Like real estate, shipping containers are also an income producing asset you can invest in. Commonly used as a means of supplementing fixed-income or retirement earnings, revenue generating investments have become a favorite of institutional and private investors across the globe.

Just like if someone was to invest in a house, condominium, or apartment, shipping containers are rented out daily, weekly, or monthly. During this time, the container, like real estate, produces income based upon a lease or rental agreement. As with the leasing of property, when you invest in shipping containers a legal contract establishes important details such as the lease’s length and the rate of payment container owners can expect.

Unlike a piece of real estate, shipping containers do not have the regular maintenance costs that upkeep on a property has. Furthermore if you invest in containers with a company that manages maritime assets, the costs of maintaining the containers are not the responsibility of the container owner. This means that, in accordance with the lease agreement, the revenue from the income-generating investment is delivered directly to the container owner.

If you are looking to invest in a proven alternative to traditional investments, containers have demonstrated they can outperform stocks, bonds, and gold, even when economic growth is challenged. Historically, affluent investors have sought the safety and security of shipping containers during time of war and conflict, as well as when inflation is causing the value of currency to drop.

The best way to for you to invest in shipping containers is to contact a broker who specializes in container investments. Taking this approach will grant you access to professionals who can provide detailed information about the container shipping industry and the outlook for the global marketplace. This will help you invest with knowledge and confidence.