Let’s Not Ignore Trans Rights

The world tells us that in order to be given equal rights and considered “normal”, we must adhere to a rigid cisheteronormative binary. But, for those of us who are born and exist outside of this binary, we’re automatically deemed “wrong.” We become the outsiders, those who weren’t able to change who we innately are. Legislation is passed to restrict our freedoms and diminish our humanity. Some of us are treated as subhumans because we don’t look like others of our own gender, since we don’t (or can’t) meet all of the requirements for being “female” or “male.” (Sometimes, we’re neither gender! So we automatically lose.)

Right now, the world is a very difficult and dangerous place for the LGBTQI community. Specifically, when it comes to the transgender community, they have to deal with transphobic legislation being introduced that would make their lives more dangerous (simply because their birth certificate lists a different gender than those of cisgender people that they share public restrooms with) to transgender women being raped and killed every year.

While marriage equality was a great accomplishment for the LGBTQI, our fight for equal rights didn’t end there. It was only the beginning.

Unfortunately, some people don’t see it that way. Some of the cis LGBs are content to be where they are and not help the T part of the community achieve equal rights and fair treatment. Which is sad, because we should all be in this together. Just because an issue (like bathroom rights) doesn’t affect you personally if you’re cisgender, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advocate for trans people to be able to use the correct restroom without harassment and assault.

Transgender people deserve equal rights. They already struggle with so much already, from poverty (either due to losing their jobs because they’re trans, or other circumstances) to crippling gender dysphoria. Why are we letting people make it so difficult for them to do something as simple and normal as peeing in a public restroom?

It’s unfair to our trans family if we just stand idly by and ignore them in their struggles. Lift them up. Fight for their rights. Be active in who you vote for. (And make sure the people you’re voting for don’t support transphobic legislation!) There’s so much we can do to help improve the lives and well-being of transgender people.

Let’s not pretend that because some of us aren’t trans, that the cause isn’t something we should take up. Because it is. Transgender people deserve to be treated as they are: Equal human beings. Let’s do all that we can to make this a reality for more transgender people.

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