What if Marvel’s Deadpool could teach you U.X and Project management EPISODE II


Scan of the comics Deadpool vs skrill clone

In that episode Deadpool surrenders to the Skrill army and he negotiate his captivity for some DNA sample. The Skrill race uses his DNA to create an army of self regenerating folk…(read the damn episode !)

All in all the army is created, but behaves weirdly, the healing factor is kickin’ in too hard. Every time a soldier get injured his body part is being over regenerated.

Deadpool then explains that his healing factor was specifically created for his body and the cancer that goes with it. (today’s lesson incoming…!!) Which is why it couldn’t be replicated into any kind of body, at this stage of the reading you should get the link with U.X if not (come on our readers are smart) let’s just printed that only my gran mother will read this article so(really dude… your Gran Ma’…). Gran Ma’ if you didn’t get the connexion with U.X it’s actually pretty simple it’s all about those trendy terms like Universal Design, responsive design


Copy pasting existing solutions into different environnements with no adaptation is just like offering a plush to a 4yr and a 18yrs old boys…. (every one would love a Deadpool plush your example makes no sense… try again)

Responsive design is temporary solution to a permanent problem

Don’t get me wrong, have nothing against responsive design, (yes you do). Ok I don’t like responsive design but for the sake of this article let’s pretend I don’t. However the idea when you are for experience designer you have to ship the most enchanting experience. In order to do that it is necessary to sublime the materials to craft and tailor that experience so that it fits like a glove

The way of the Shokunin: The beauty of excellence

Do things that Don’t Scale
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