Bikram Yoga: Is It The Most Popular Form Of Yoga?

Yoga is one of the earliest forms of organized physical exercises in the world, having back to roots in ancient India. Avidly developed and practiced through the centuries, Yoga is now one of the most popular forms of exercise all over the world for people of all ages.

The popularity of this form of physical labor resides in its mode of approach. Yogasanas heal the body through slow and tender methods, stretching limits step by step. Patience and tolerance are the key virtues that the system of Yoga is built on.

According to a statistical report published by the Yoga Journal on 22 July 2015, yoga centers and homes are the top contenders as spots for Yoga practice, accounting to 40% and 43%, respectively. The average American is estimated to spend $2.5 Billion on Yoga instruction in a year. Another report released by the National Health Interview Survey conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, approximately 21 million US adults (9.5%) choose Yoga as the prime form of physical exercise.

Bikram Yoga

The art of Yoga has been modified through the centuries by practicing experts, each having their own set of proven benefits and system of operation. Currently, Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga is taking over the fitness world, developing a fan-base of millions of practitioners all over the globe. It was founded and developed by Bikram Choudhury of West Bengal, India.

  • Own rules : The practice of Bikram Yoga has its own set of rules and forms like all other genres. Hot Yoga was developed from Hatha yoga and modified to amplify physical benefits.
  • Duration : A typical Hot Yoga session runs between 60 to 90 minutes. The temperature of the studio is maintained at 40 degrees Celsius, to induce sweating and blood circulation. A set of 26 postures are done over and over again until the end of the class and studio capacity is prescribed as per instructor.
  • Postures : Each posture in the set prescribed in Bikram Yoga works a certain part of the body. The entire set has been designed to target all parts of the body, alleviating pain and increasing flexibility. The key to the success of this form of yoga is the dynamic nature of the movements.

Following benefits of yoga

  • Stress alleviation

In addition to physical benefits, yoga also serves as an aid to mental healing. The breathing and meditative techniques adopted in the practice of Hot Yoga help in the practice of mindfulness. The prime attractive feature of yoga is its aid in stress relief. There are a variety of additional perks including prevention of depression.

  • Muscle strength

Bikram Yoga is a great route to increasing muscle strength, especially if you are training for a sport. The set of poses practiced in this form of yoga aims at increasing flexibility and strengthening all major muscle groups in the body. Several joints in the body are opened up, slowly and gradually, to greatly improve mobility. The balancing and stretching exercises serve as the main strengthening section.

  • Cure

As already mentioned before, Bikram Yoga has helped millions around the globe gain relief from long term painful diseases. People suffering from spinal injuries, bone fractures, joint dislocations, muscle tearing as well as shortening and several other kinds of major injuries have admitted to have been relieved of pain in the matter of a few months. Many doctors are now prescribing the practice of Hot Yoga to post operative patients for quick recovery. There also have been reports of healing of diseases like diabetes, ulcers and many dermatological issues.

  • Mental Strength

The regular practice of Bikram Yoga induces a certain feeling of peace. Like all other forms of intensive physical training, a Hot Yoga practitioner develops a strong sense of determination and an indomitable will to keep testing the limits of their body. Bikram Yoga classes are usually held in groups. This is effective in inculcating will power as a community effort. The people are generally extremely supportive of each other, encouraging the entire team to continue with this positive effort.

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Source : Bikram Yoga: Is It The Most Popular Form Of Yoga?