International Virtual Assistants Day

I’m glad they have a day for us virtual assistants — a day to celebrate how we have helped work go around the world and are there readily available for space-crunched professionals and start-up enthusiasts.

We are celebrating the International Virtual Assistants Day this 18th of May, and giving DOUBLE THE HOURS on our regular plan pricings. So, if you purchase 10 hours, you get 20 hours for the same price. Just a note — the hours will be manually added, so don’t worry if they do not reflect while purchasing.

What’s more, the validity is also the double. Your hours are good to be used for 60 days instead of 30.

We have also compiled a list of the people you can gift these service goodies to :

Mom-in-law : She is probably above 40 and apparently does not need any assistance whatsoever (you secretly admire how she is so self-sufficient). Just hand her this subscription and wait to receive her thanks later when she says that she did not realise so much of her tasks could be done virtually!

Your Spouse : If you have been thinking of how to make him spend more time with you, this is just what you need — a VA for him. If you have been thinking how to make her life a little stress-free and help her start the home-business she always wanted to, this is just the right gift for her now.

Yourself : You are the start-up founder, the busy professional or the multi-tasker. You are snowed under work this summer, and the pressure to be professionally active and socially alive is mounting on you. You wanted to have that blog site created, but it looks impossible now. And what about the book draft that you wanted help with? Oh and the missed birthdays! How a call on time would have helped! Not to mention how you are struggling with managing your diary. You can’t deny it’s time to get a VA for yourself and get your attention on the priorities in your life.

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