Entrepreneur? Women Entrepreneur? Just a ‘muggle’ enjoying the breeze.

The problem with ‘Woman’ Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is that — an entrepreneur. The moment we add woman to it, it assumes a different connotation.

It becomes a gender thing. It gets associated with hardships known to women in business. It gets associated with competition in a male-dominated world. It means this, and that and blah. The adjective basks in the glory, the noun becomes insignificant. Almost dead.

What’s new with women entrepreneurs? Women have been into business as long as men have been. Think the sex trade. Also farming. Women have been farmers since it was first practiced by human kind. How bad that we can picture only a man when we hear the word ‘farmer’! Blame the books we read as kids in schools.

I believe all roles where women are active should take on a gender neutral concept. Like actor, the word entrepreneur should be gender-less. Let’s face it, men or women, entrepreneurs face challenges, just like every other professional role.

The above, however, is not an attempt to overlook the concerns women face as entrepreneurs or professionals or homemakers. Who can be better aware of this than me? As an employee and employer, my skills have been questioned by the mighty and the low. Some I responded to, some I quietened with my work and some were ousted for being their deplorable selves.

That said, there was also this other section who saw me as a fellow human being, capable of a few things, and not purely from the gender perspective.

And men face challenges too! Men are given examples of the ideal man, the ideal father, the ideal husband. They are not expected to show emotions, are in constant pressure of being categorised as weak and timid, and are looked upon in times of crises when they themselves would rather run off from the situation.

So, an entrepreneur should only be an entrepreneur — someone who is a risk taker and a game changer. An entrepreneur works to live his/her dream and those of his/her workers. An entrepreneur leads by example. An entrepreneur is not one marked by gender but by what he/she contributes — to the workspace, to the community, to the country.

Oh, and did I tell you how much I dislike the term ‘baby girl’ when you are referring to your infant? Okay maybe on another post. But for goodness’ sake till the, please refer to your babies as baby. Do not gender-mark them unless required.