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Technology: The Great Equalizer

Technology can change your life

It has no bias it has no preference

Technology just says do

Create, design, build, explore

Whether you grow up with nothing or with everything

Technology requires everyone to begin at the same point

Don’t be afraid to break things

In the breaking is where you find the breakthroughs

In the breakthroughs is where you change the world

Few things in life have such a low barrier of entry; yet limitless rewards to those brave enough to try

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Is it an art or is it a science?

What process do you go through when making decisions? For many people, even people in positions of great authority and responsibility, decisions are made with a gut feeling, and a “shoot from the hip” mentality. The academic literature has repeatedly proven that this type of decision-making can lead to sub-optimal outcomes. So, our ability to make better decision can be bolstered by combining several disciplines into something called decision science.

Decision science is simply using data to drive decision making. The goal of decision science is to reduce the impact of…

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I have always been fascinated by data, I believe that data holds the answer to many of the toughest questions. For many people the idea of drawing meaningful concussions from the yottabytes (I promise this is a real number, check out this link if you don’t believe me!) of data seems unfathomable. Enter the data nerds! Data Scientist, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Computer Scientist, Economists, even some rouge Accountants have slipped in. …

Patrick Rinard

Data Science | Business Analytics | Machine Learning

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