Interaction Design Process

This assignment consisted of creating a loose sample of an app that could be used by civilians to aid scientists via a type of crowd-sourcing. I chose to design an app facilitated by local Animal Services to help track the lost and stray animals around the area. The inspiration behind this was the ­surprisingly rising amount of homeless and lost dogs in Washington.

First off, a brief design of the potential app. A home screen and navigation system was brainstormed while different options and screens were implemented into the skeleton of the app. Using the POP app, I organized these pages and had a brief usability test with colleague who tested it multiple times.

The experience of designing a skeleton of an app on paper then organizing via POP was an incredibly useful experience, as it is much harder to visualize the actions within the app without the help of POP. Some basic problems arose when testing, such as navigation buttons not going to the intended page. Something that I believe I could improve would be the simplicity of the outline. It seems to be past “bare-bones” and some added substance could be added to improve the experience. This rose the question of what does Animal Services and other organizations really need in terms of information and what is actually used.

I really enjoyed the process of creating something that could actually be created rather than a situation that could only be hypothetical. The ability to put yourself in an almost real life situation while creating something tangible, is incredibly enjoyable and helpful.

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