Usability Test


This usability test involved the participation of three participates, in the college student age group, to test the ease of use of an oven in the communal dorm kitchen area. The group that I was involved in agreed to conduct this test at a central place. Three participants were asked to take part in this test around 4pm.

Conducting the Test:

Three tests were appointed to each of the participants to do one at a time. The first test involved opening the oven door, adjusting the height of the oven rack, and closing the door. The second test was to set the temperature of the oven at four hundred and fifty degrees and to set the onboard timer to 5 minutes. The third test concluded with canceling all previous actions with setting the temperature and timer. Each test was given three data types: Pass/Fail, Scale of difficulty, and Time-on-Task. Each participant proceeded through each task while we collected our data and asked for suggestions on improvements and general thoughts about each task in relation to the oven.

Oven used in this test. Located in Terry Hall Lobby
Interface Of Oven
Inside of oven with movable oven racks
Inspection of oven before tests were conducted

Concluding the Test

After each participant, each was given a chance to give feedback to the moderator to suggest improvements such as complaints about the interface and the ease of use. It was concluded that the hardest task was to set the timer and temperature of the oven due to the fact that the buttons were oddly located and contained possible redundant functions.

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