Introducing Modular: Awesome hosting for Riot & Matrix
Oct 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Are you craving your own dedicated Matrix homeserver, but don’t want to run your own? At last, we’re incredibly excited to introduce Modular: the world’s first ever “one click” paid service for all your Matrix hosting needs!

Introducing… Modular!

Modular is built by the same team as Riot (who in turn originally created Matrix), based on the infrastructure we’ve been using to run custom homeserver & Riot deployments for folks like Status and TADHack over the last year. The difference now is that anyone can go and spin up their own custom server, which we will keep expertly tuned and maintained for you!

Modular gives you:

  • A dedicated high-performance homeserver managed and run by the creators of Matrix. The server can federate with the global Matrix network or be entirely private and unfederated.
  • A dedicated Riot/Web autoconfigured for your server, complete with end-to-end encryption, hosted integrations from Modular, and all the other Riot goodness you know and love.
  • Custom subdomains on and to access your homeserver and dedicated Riot.
  • Or, use your own domain with the Large plan, allowing you to claim style Matrix ID’s or access your Riot at

Early Adopter Pricing:

  • Pay per active user — our introductory pricing is $1.50 per active user per month. That’s almost 5x cheaper than Slack. We’ll honour this pricing indefinitely for early adopters!
  • Don’t pay for fly-by users—users have to hang around for at least 3 days before they’re considered active.
  • Don’t pay for read-only guests either!
  • Your first server admin (that’s you!) goes free too! :)
  • Today, servers come in Medium (50+ users), Large (100+ users) and XL sizes and so fit medium/large organisations best. Smaller “personal” servers will follow soon!
  • Servers are hosted in the EU and are fully GDPR-compliant.
  • Paid premium support is also available — please get in touch for details.

So, if your organisation has been relying on a best-effort public homeserver and you’ve been aching to have your own dedicated instance: now’s the time! Head over to and you can be up and running in just a few minutes! The process is as simple as this:

If you want to see how fast one of these puppies is, feel free to sign up for an account over at and give our example server a test drive! There’s nothing quite like the speed and smell of a new dedicated homeserver :D

Needless to say, paying for a Modular server is also a great way to support Matrix development in general — any money we make goes into funding the team to keep contributing to Matrix; whether that’s by funding core Matrix dev, Riot, or solutions like Modular itself. So by using Modular, not only are you saving yourself the time of running your own server — you’re also helping making Matrix better!

Of course, this is just the beginning: both Riot and Matrix are still evolving rapidly as they converge on 1.0 releases — and the much anticipated Riot redesign is in active development currently but hasn’t landed yet. But we reasoned that there are more than enough people who are seriously using Riot today to merit professional-grade hosting — and as Riot & Matrix mature we expect to more and more folks getting on board.

Finally, we’d like to give a big shout out to the earliest testers and adopters who’ve helped us iterate on Modular over the last few months — especially folks from GNOME, KDE, the Web3 Foundation, Tendermint/Cosmos and many others. Watch this space for exciting announcements as the first public Modular-powered servers start appearing in the wild!

Please feel free to shoot any questions to — or come help christen with your thoughts and feedback!

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