Introducing Riot 0.9 and Desktop Riot

Since launching the end-to-end encryption beta in November we’ve been having lots of fun running around chasing bugs and gathering user feedback, fixing up the remaining bits of the implementation and getting the infrastructure in place to solve the remaining bugs.

The big remaining issues continue to be the ability to share history with new devices, various nasty edge cases where devices don’t receive decryption state for ongoing conversations (the infamous “Unknown Inbound Session ID” bug) and the need for better device verification UX. All this is still very much in progress and we’ll be continuing the beta until Riot 0.10 (or should that be 1.0? :-D)

Meanwhile, we’ve quietly shipped 3 versions of Riot 0.9 on the web already, with 0.9.2 landing a few days ago. You can read the full changelog here, but the big news is:

  • Adds PGP-signed releases for riot-web on Github: there are now little green ‘verified’ icons next to the Github releases which you can check for yourself using the public keys if you so desire. (Signed releases for riot-ios, riot-android and Riot Desktop are already handled by their respective build systems.) Thanks to femme on for requesting this. We’re also looking at ways of signing actual builds of riot-web in future, to help improve the trustworthiness of the crypto.
  • Various under-the-hood E2E improvements, including a rewrite to increase the supported filesize of E2E attachments on all browsers. E2E attachments should now work almost identically to non-E2E ones; if you see any strange behaviour please let us know!
  • Huge speed-ups to the room directory list (requires Synapse 0.18.5)
  • Prettier icon!

Next up will be finishing the remaining E2E bugs, and working our way through the substantial backlog of UX issues and bugs. Meanwhile on iOS & Android development is going strong with new iOS builds due any day now, and new Android builds hitting the stores over the last week!

Thanks for Rioting, and enjoy the new releases!

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