Look out — it’s Riot.im 0.16! Composer! Jitsi! Replies!

4 min readJul 30, 2018


Riot.im Web 0.16 is here, and it lands some ⏫serious upgrades⏫️ to core functionality, including: replies, a brand new composer and (at long last) full integration with Jitsi web conferencing!

Let’s take a look at Replies!

Once you’ve used Replies you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Simply put, in the fast-paced flow of lively conversation, Replies let you single out the one message to which you’re responding:

In which Tom chats with his imaginary friends.

To reply to a message, hover over it, click on the ellipsis (···) to open the context menu, and select ‘Reply’:

Elsie’s a helpful sort of imaginary friend

You can reply to replies, too, building up a thread of related messages. Just click ‘In reply to’ to expand the thread message by message:

Now let’s hear about that Jitsi integration!

The Jitsi changes landed in Riot Web 0.16 mean that Jitsi is now the default video conferencing provider across Web, iOS and Android 👍.

This results in two significant changes in Riot Web:

  • In rooms of two or more people, the Voice and Video Call buttons now create a shared Jitsi conference widget
  • Leaving a room with an active Jitsi conference will dock the conference window in the top of the room list:
Check in on other rooms _without_ interrupting your important VC with Rainbow Dash.

Critically, this means that switching rooms no longer quits the Jitsi conference. Now you can (secretly) keep reading other rooms whilst you pretend to listen in that VC. Hooray!

The behaviour in one-on-one calls has not changed — clicking the Voice or Video Call buttons in a room with only one other person will initiate a direct WebRTC call to provide the best possible connectivity in all network conditions.

What about that new composer?

This one you really need to experience to understand. Go ahead and try it out! We’ll wait…

It looks just like the old composer on the outside…

See? Under the hood we have radically reworked the composer, switching the underlying technology from Draft.js to Slate.js. Slate is both actively maintained and more sympathetic to our use case, so we’ve been able to close out a tonne of bugs just by moving over. We’ve found it to be both significantly more reliable and more performant — let us know how you get on!

What else is going on?

Share Link Feature

We’ve added a ‘share link’ feature to rooms, communities and users! If you want to share a link to a Matrix room or community you’ll find a share button in the header:

It’s the one that looks like this

Click on the share button to pop up the share dialogue, complete with quick links to many of your favourite social medias (Mastodon’s not there yet since integration is just a little bit fiddlier).

What’s next?

We’ve got some more big changes in store, including some very promising work to to dramatically improve startup speed. Watch this space for details!

And finally, as always you can check out the full Riot/Web and matrix-react-sdk changelogs for the gory details, and (as always) thank you for all your love and support! Keep that feedback coming (#riot:matrix.org/github)!




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