Matrix Communities land on iOS and Android!

Hello fans! As the latest release of lands on the App store, Google Play and (we’re pleased to say once again) FDroid, Phase one of Matrix Communities is now live across all platforms 😎

My imaginary friends and I enjoy being part of this exciting community.

This means that you can now use the mobile app to both view the communities you’re part of, and list the rooms and users associated with that community. Please check out the web communities blogpost for more details on Matrix Communities.

We are aware of one issue which sometimes causes communities not to appear when you switch to the communities tab — if you encounter this in the wild please shake your phone to file a bug report!

With communities support we’ve also added flair — small badges that appear next to your name to show that you’re a member of a particular community. Flair only appears for a given community when both the room admin and the room member have chosen to display it — go to User Settings in the mobile app to select the flair you’re happy to display.

For now, communities on mobile are read only— creating new communities, inviting/kicking members and editing the community details can only be achieved via the web/electron.

What else has been going on?

We’ve also landed some UX enhancements and improvements to Android:

URL previews

A new setting has landed in Android — you can now enable url preview and will preview the details of any URL posted to the timeline.

A decade old, but still gold.

Improved Notification Level Granularity

Notification levels now mirror web. Long press on any room/direct chat to select when and how you’d like to receive notifications:

What’s next?

There are changes in Android dev. land, as we welcome Audrey to the team (👋 hi Audrey!) but bid farewell to Yannick. Everyone who has followed Android development closely over the years will be familiar with Yannick’s tireless efforts — thank you so much for everything you’ve brought to 😊

As always, thanks for reading, and as always, check the changelogs for the finer details (Matrix Android SDK, the Android app, the Matrix iOS SDK, MatrixKit, and the iOS app).

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