New Privacy Controls for Riot!
Sep 27 · 6 min read

Riot and Ancillary Services

Identity Server

Integrations Manager

STUN Server

What does this mean for data privacy?

What changes will I see in Riot?

Securely Comparing your Contact List on Riot Mobile

An artist’s impression of a hashed email address

Terms of Service for Connected Services

You’ll have to read the privacy notice before sending “” via the identity server
Read and agree, read and agree.

Choose your Own Identity Server

Choosing an identity server in user settings

Choose your Own Integrations Manager

Prompt before falling back to new public STUN server

Yes, our public STUN server also runs on No this isn’t confusing.

What changes won’t I see in Riot?

What’s still to come?

Keep watching this space!

Thanks to J. Ryan Stinnett

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