Redesign experimenters needed!

Over the last month we’ve made massive progress on implementing the new design of Riot which we previewed back in May (the work ended up getting stuck behind all the performance and encryption improvements we’ve been working on).

In fact, we’ve been using it ourselves exclusively for the last week or so — and it’s really feeling rather good. There are a lot of areas which haven’t yet been re-skinned (e.g. Login, Registration, Settings, Communities), and some bugs which we need to iron out (e.g. resizing the LeftPanel sections), but on average it’s already much better than the current app. In fact, it’s rather hard to go back once you start using it 😄

It’s the future!

So, as an unexpected Christmas present, we’d like to formally ask intrepid testers to quit your current Riot/Web and try switching over to to give it a try and report feedback! (Please do quit your existing Riot/Web app first, as there’s a chance of bugs happening if you run both at the same time.)

There’s a new dedicated feedback button in the bottom-left of the app (shaped like a lifesaver ring) which will steer you to provide feedback by a new template in Github.

Thank you in advance for feedback and for your patience in waiting for the redesign — we’re pretty confident the wait will have been worth it!

P.S. whilst we’ve got your attention, don’t forget to check out the 2018 end-of-year wrap-up over on the Matrix blog!