🎉 Riot.im Unveils the Next Generation of its Mobile Client! (Live on Google Play; coming soon to App Store and F-Droid)

After months of sweat, tears, working and reworking, Riot.im finally unveils the next generation of its mobile app! The new layout makes it easier to manage your conversations by introducing dedicated screens for your Favourites, People and Rooms, and a customisable Home Screen to highlight what you’ve missed 👀

Tell me more about those new screens!

  • Home Screen — the Home Screen shows you the most-recently active conversations across Favourites, People and Rooms so that you’re always up-to-date.
Everything at a glance

Customise the Home Screen to prioritise certain types of activity — activate pin rooms with missed notifications and/or pin rooms with unread messages in User Settings to make the Home Screen work for you, they will pin the designated rooms to the beginning of the list: no need to scroll infinitely to find unread notifications anymore!

  • Favourites Screen — the Favourites Screen gathers all your favourite People and Rooms in one place, keeping the same ordering as the web.
  • People Screen — the People Screen brings together all of your Direct Message conversations plus the user directory, making it even easier to connect.
  • Room Screen — the Room Screen is just like the People screen but… for rooms 😉 And now, for the first time you can also browse alternative room directories — just click on the dropdown to search for rooms on Freenode, Moznet, Gitter or any of our bridged networks:

Read markers are finally syncing across all Riot.im clients!

Big news for anybody accessing their account from multiple Riot.im clients — this means you can switch between Riot Web, Desktop, iOS and Android and just pick up where you left off ! Seamless 😎

The little green read-marker line will be in the right place, whichever device you use!

What’s left?

Keep your feedback coming!

Thank you to everyone whose feedback on the mobile UX has got us where we are! We’re constantly iterating on the design, trying to best satisfy the needs of all our users, so if you have any thoughts please swing by #riot:matrix.org or file an issue on github.

Check the changelogs for the details

As always, for the finer details check out the changelogs for the Matrix Android SDK, the Android app, the Matrix iOS SDK, MatrixKit, and the iOS app and keep watching this space for more updates!