Riot/Web 0.9.4 and Riot/Desktop 0.9.5 released

Just a quick one: Riot 0.9.4 was unleashed on the world on Dec 22, including:

  • Olm v2.1.0 (which fixes end-to-end encryption issues where Firefox users would keep getting logged out)
  • Fixes the date separator to appear in your local timezone rather than GMT (sorry about that!)
  • Fixes nasty scroll-jumps when viewing videos in E2E encrypted rooms

We then followed this up with a special emergency Christmas Eve 0.9.5 release of Riot/Desktop, released a few hours ago, which:

  • Fixes sign-up(!) for Desktop users
  • Fixes the Start Menu entry on Windows

Meanwhile, we’re seeing a huge influx of users thanks to various threads on HackerNews and Reddit — welcome to all the newbies, and if you’ve had signup problems on Riot/Desktop please upgrade to 0.9.5 and try again!

Finally, happy holidays from the team — thanks for using the app and we hope you’ve having fun learning to Riot. :) Our overarching vision for 2017 is to get Riot firmly into the mainstream, and not be just for FOSS and privacy advocates. It’s going to be a crazy ride, and we hope you’ll join us!